Can I end a Massage prematurely?

Massage Technique

Is there a time you went for a professional massage and couldn’t wait for the therapist to finish? Well, this happens to many people especially those who make the wrong choice of massage spa. You get to a point where you want to get off the massage spa and take a walk, never to come back.

With the rising number of people seeking massage services, a lot of massage spas have cropped up, some of which are operated by unprofessional massage therapists. If you mistakenly went to such a spa for your massage, you will not only have wasted your resources but you may leave the spa feeling worse than you felt before.

Here are some instances where it will be appropriate to end a massage session prematurely:

1. If the massage therapist is using much pressure and will not change even after you complain: there are times when even the highest trained and experienced massage therapists will unknowingly use intense pressure during massage. If this happens, you have a right to speak up and being a professional, the therapist should make the necessary adjustments.

When the massage therapist fails to heed to your request and instead keep hurting you, you have a right to end the massage session.

2. When the Therapist Works too Close to Your Genitals: in any professional massage, the area around your genitals should never be massaged. If the massage works too close to your genital area and fails to heed to your concerns, ending the massage session prematurely will be the only option. 

3. Negligence in Draping: During the massage, your body should be covered with a linen or a towel except for the part that the massage therapist is working on. If the therapist over-exposes your body and does not seem concerned when you tell him to cover you, it should raise a red flag. If this happens, you should inform him to leave the room so that you can dress up.

4. The Massage Therapist is a Chatterbox: As a massage client, you have a right to choose whether to get your massage in silence or engage the therapist in a conversation. If you inform your therapist about your need for silence but he keeps talking to a point that makes you uncomfortable, you can end the session.

Any well-trained and experienced massage therapist has his main focus on keeping his clients comfortable. They will go to any length to ensure that you get the most from your massage at all times. If you raise a concern, they act on it immediately.

Most of the cases above happen when you go to the wrong massage spa. When you choose a spa that charges less without caring whether the massage therapist is trained or not, things are bound to go wrong.


What makes a massage therapist good is his ability to adapt to your needs or requests any time you lie on the massage table. A person who will keep asking if the pressure is right and if there is a place you need more pressure. Make your choices wisely and you will love your massage! When others are complaining of backache and insomnia, you will be enjoying the fruits of a good massage at The Spa and Lash Studio Clearfield.

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