Travel Tips Yoho National Park of Canada

Yoho National Park of Canada (from Yoho according to Cree aboriginal mean fear or surprise) located in the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains. In 1984, Yoho and three contiguous national parks including Kootenay British Columbia and Banff, Jasper Alberta Canadian Rockies component, has been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

National Park of Canada

Leave Highway 1

We turned onto the road passes toward Takakkaw Falls, a majestic waterfall most famous of the Canadian Rockies and Niagara Falls is second on Canadian soil. Feelings always follow me during this journey was overwhelmed by the beauty of pristine rivers, rolling beneath Yoho Pass, the endless blue pine forest and snowy mountain peaks. Occasionally, the forest cover of a deer appeared engrossed underground.

Very soon, the car to the parking Scenic Area, known for waterfalls rumbles expectations. From here, we walk through the wooden bridge crossing Yoho River. At the foot of the white waters milky colored by very fine rock powder dissolved in water during melting. A few hundred meters walked among the pine trees, we come Takakkaw foot waterfall, the waterfall tumbles down leg kick 384M altitude, creating huge volumes of water vapor.

Back to the highway

We find the Emerald Lakes on the road across the valley and along a river named Horse Stone. Stone Horse River formed by the melting ice on the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains. And the length of 49km, it crept through the canyons, cliffs extremely majestic, when expanded into a lake, while only a stream, waterfall pouring time in the cliffs and then continue to drift between the forests wild old. The river has eroded much diligence on small mountain lap, turned the place into natural works created “on the stone bridge, under waterfalls flowing”.

Emerald lake

Which is for the heart of Yoho’s moraine lake, surrounded by many famous mountains Burgess, higher Wapta 3,000m. Here, blessed all four seasons. Spring, tree leaf bud, the snow had barely melted, clinging to tree branches beautiful layers like fairytales. Summer, melting mountain glaciers formed many streams and waterfalls is an occasion organized camping, boating, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, picnic … Entering the quiet lake autumn, leaves turn colour to colour, the scenery was so lyrical, fanciful as paradise. And when the winter, white snow everywhere, ideal for skiing, skating.

Situated on a small hill along the lake is a luxury hotel and resort, designed entirely in wood and overlooking the lake. If you stay here, you will have the afternoon walking around the lake, watching the sundown gradually after the jagged peaks of white snow, the evening sitting around the fire enjoying grilled salmon in space yen wilderness, heard calls North America’s deer herd expected to. And wake up tomorrow morning, after the window is the fog is gone, gradually expose vast lakes, pine forests, mountains, the boat glides.

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